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Welcome to One Martial Arts

One Martial arts is a wholistic martial arts centre focusing on developing the complete person-mind, body and spirit. One beautifully combines the traditional and contemporary teachings of Karate to offer a welcoming, safe and high quality teaching environment. One caters for ages 4 to adult from the beginner to the experienced martial artist interested in rekindling their passion. One offers separate programs to children and adults, acknowledging the very unique needs of each group. All classes are led by experienced instructors who meet working with children requirements and who themselves have a passion for the sport.

One is a school of high integrity based on the 5 human values of love, peace, truth, non-violence and right-conduct. We hope you join us on our journey.

Both of my children have benefited greatly from attending your classes. Aside from the fitness and physical precision, they have more self-confidence. I really like that they can set their own goals and achieve them and the mentorship and example set by the teachers and other students is outstanding.

Naomi Perry

Karate Birthday Parties

Book your child’s birthday party with us. Fully scheduled and managed by experienced instructors.

An hour and a half of fun and excitement including all decorations and pizza – $150.

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Liam has become more disciplined, confident and focussed at school. He has developed a demeanour that has resulted in fewer incidents of him being bullied. He plans to be a black belt.

Sandra Baxter

Peace    Love    Truth    Non-Violence    Right-Conduct